Pagatinu 25

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Pagatinu 25

Pagatinu. Ang. 25.-
Tin un fee di Ang. 5.- pa e servisio aki.
There is a Ang. 5.- fee for this service.

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Pagatinu Ang. 25.-
Tin un service fee di Ang. 5.- pa e produkto aki. Ora nos risibi bo order i pago nos lo kumpra e Pagatinu pabo. Nos lo manda e Pagatinu PIN dentro di 24 ora via email i WhatsApp. Pa pago ku Credit Card, lo tin un fee adishonal di 7%
There is a Ang. 5.- service fee for this product. Once we receive your payment we wil purchase the Pagatinu on your behalf. We will send you the Pagatinu PIN within 24 hours via email and WhatsApp. For Credit Card payments, there will be an additional fee of 7%.


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Pagatinu 25